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Signe Lindell has been a consistent positive force for the city of Santa Fe for many years.  Sig is the council member for my district and year after year, I am in awe of her passion, her compassion and her lack of fear in bringing new legislation to the table that will truly help the residents of Santa Fe.  I fully support her re-election and quite frankly, hope she chooses at some point to run for higher positions in local and/or state government.

Linda Howell

PGA Director of Golf

Towa Golf Club

I am thrilled to hear that you will be running for reelection. Your consistency in helping your constituents as well as those throughout the city such as myself has been so very greatly appreciated. You have always been helpful and concerned when an issue has been brought to your attention and have followed through to see that the problem is rectified.

Your knowledge of so many issues facing our incredible city has helped guide citizens and staff to be able to get things accomplished. Your ability to reach out to help people so many people in Santa Fe has always been what I have considered to be one of your truly biggest assets.

I look forward to your continued success on the Santa Fe City council

My best,
Victoria Murphy

I enthusiastically endorse Signe Lindell as she runs for re-election in City Council District 1.

Signe is a great councilor and a great woman. She’s reasonable, smart, compassionate, and practical—and she pays attention. When our neighborhood was facing some issues involving traffic and development, she listened carefully and provided leadership that led to a great win-win solution. She’s a great advocate for both neighborhoods and affordable housing.

Her love of animals led to a terrific ordinance prohibiting some forms of animal abuse, for which both people and their animals are infinitely grateful. She also got a dog park at Fort Marcy, which is terrific for that neighborhood.  

Above all, I appreciate how available and active she is with her constituents. She helps people solve problems, large and small. I believe that this is because she loves her work, and loves the city. Being a councilor is not a stepping stone to some bigger and better thing—it’s what she does, for its own sake, because it’s a job worth doing, and doing well. She embodies the value of public service.

She’s also a wonderful, proud member of the LGBT community, and sets an example for people of all ages and walks of life on how to live openly and with love. 

District 1 is lucky to have her and would do well to reelect Signe Lindell.

Mary-Charlotte Domandi

Producer and Host 

Radio Cafe

My wife and I moved to Santa Fe from Los Alamos in 2018 but had bought our retirement home a few years before that since a home was newly available from a friend of mine who was moving to California. We jumped at the chance to buy in Santa Fe. That said, even prior to The Big Move, Sig was always quick to respond to my questions about the City Different and especially the neighborhood in which we were interested, which is in Sig's district.

While we have not always completely agreed on issues, I found that Sig was always willing to read my point of view, return a phone call, or discuss our differences, and we have always found common ground. Plus, Sig helped me obtain a position on the BTAC given my long involvement with cycling advocacy and transportation planning and my desire to always contribute to my community. Not to mention, Sig's longstanding devotion to animal rights such as reminding us of the plight of animals in circuses.

It's been a tough year. Politics has been nasty, Covid has strained our city, state, and nation in unimaginable ways, but we have to persevere.

I think we are lucky to have Sig representing us on Council during these tough times, and we should keep this skilled, dedicated, and veteran Councilor on Council come election day.



Sig is the ultimate city leader. You couldn’t want more from anyone. First of all, she is a listener. Second, she is a problem-solver. If you’ve got a problem she’ll want to know what she can do to help solve it. And third, she is out and about in the community. She’s got Santa Fe’s pulse. We are very, very lucky to have her on our team.

Chris Sturgis


That's Sig Lindell. Not only does she listen to you and your concerns, she springs into action, spends time discussing possible solutions and gets results!  Sig is all in for District 1. I am always amazed with the care she gives to all my requests and options for my neighborhood be it clean up, sidewalk repair, landscape improvements, no request is too mundane. She will often bring in experts and committee heads so we could discuss the best of all possible solutions.

As Sig says "People call me and they know they will get a callback and I will work on the issue. I am particularly proud of my constituent service abilities" 

And so are we. Thank you, Sig for all you do.


I grew up in Santa Fe, and my parents were downtown business owners since 1974. Now, my home and business are based here, and I am deeply involved with commerce and philanthropy in our community. Therefore, our local leadership is very important to me.

Signe Lindell has proven to be a leader who cares about Santa Fe. Whether supporting small businesses or actively working to stop animal cruelty, Councilwoman Lindell reflects my values in making Santa Fe a healthier, happier community. I believe that she is open to hearing concerns from citizens and she is not afraid to bring up difficult topics. Santa Fe is a popular tourist destination but we can be so much more. Signe Lindell has my support because I believe she is interested in equality, commerce and the environment, and will work with all groups to keep moving Santa Fe forward.

Natalie Bovis, owner of The Liquid Muse; NM Cocktail & Culinary Festival; and TACO WARS

My fellow Santa Fe District 1 neighbors:

I have lived in Santa Fe District 1 for eleven years and I fully endorse the re-election of Sig Lindell.

I first met Sig (prior to her representing District 1) when she was working with Homewise to facilitate the path to home ownership. She was instrumental in helping me achieve this accomplishment and investment.

When Sig was elected to represent District 1, I have contacted her as a constituent on many occasions for a range of issues. She has resolved multiple issues, such as nuisance noise that affected me and my neighbors. For other issues without an easy resolution, she has always followed up with detailed information. For example, I expressed a concern about the high speed of traffic along my residential street. Sig had SFPD conduct a speed study and informed me of the results and recommendations.

Sig has always been respectful and listened to my opinion on issues, even if, and especially when they conflict with her viewpoints. This approach is a rare, but necessary quality of those who represent us in these times of significant turmoil on the local, state, national and international level. Instead of ignoring me or telling me that my opinion was wrong, she responds. She has the integrity to say she understands my viewpoint and will take that into consideration.

Santa Fe District 1 is lucky to have Sig as a representative and advocate. Speaking firsthand, as a constituent, her help has been invaluable, and we need her continued advocacy.

-Heather Blumer

Note: This is exclusively my personal view and is not related to any employer or organization.

I respect Sig tremendously for her dedication to the people of Santa Fe, her work ethic and most importantly her integrity. 

Craig Cunningham

The Kitchen Table Santa Fe

313 Camino Alire

Santa Fe, NM 87501

March 23, 2021

We are writing this letter in support City Councilor Signee Lindell of District 1. We are creating a commercial kitchen for use by the community called The Kitchen Table Santa Fe and Signee has supported us every step of the way.

Signe Lindell has been a true asset to The Kitchen Table Santa Fe since the idea first came about.  Signe has helped us throughout the process with City of Santa FE for a text amendment to the Land Use Code to add commissary kitchens. She also sponsored the project when we applied for our Special Use permit at 313 Camino Alire with the Land Use Department. We wouldn’t have progressed so fast without her support.

Signe is a passionate & caring person who loves to serve her community. We support her for re-election whole heartedly.

Andrea Abedi & Hilary Kilpatric

The Kitchen Table Santa Fe

I am so happy and proud to tell you about Sig Lindell. I have known Sig for well over 12 years and have worked with her in several capacities. I have personally worked with her at a local non-profit and well as with issues involving the City of Santa Fe.

Sig is one of the most effective leaders I have ever known. The reason for this, I believe, is that she listens carefully to all sides from the people working on a project and then uses her unique skills to arrive at the fairest outcome. I know that she wants to have a solution that can be of benefit to the most people. While the solution, of course, may not please everyone all the time, everyone knows they were listened to. She makes her decisions with what she has heard, her heart and her exceptionally good common sense and experience.

Sig is extremely clear and concise in what she says. And, she does what she says she will do. I have witnessed this on so many different and diverse situations.

I am proud to know Sig and know, through first-hand experience, that she is honest and looks to do the best for the most!

Mary Stramel

Simon Brackley

1821 Camino La Canada

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Santa Fe is facing a unique set of post-Covid challenges. New residents and residences, public safety, financial uncertainty, a growing economy with a reduced workforce and thousands of visitors to our great city.

Signe Lindell has done an outstanding job for two terms representing District 1 as a City Councilor. She works hard to understand complex issues and to create consensus between other councilors. She is always responsive and answers concerns from constituents often the same day.

I have known Sig for more than ten years and I admire her intelligence, humor, hard work and commitment to a well-run City. 

I’m proud to endorse Signe Lindell for Council District 1.

Simon Brackley

While so many other candidates serve their own self-interest, Sig Lindell serves the city of Santa Fe—it's just that simple. 

-Zane Fischer

Good afternoon Councilwomen,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you and your team. We had such a great time with you and enjoyed taking photos with you as we got to capture all the things you have done to make our city great. It was a pleasure to meet you and I felt honored to get to work with the councilwomen for my district.

I am glad that you are representing Santa Fe because after the short time I spent with you I could tell that you genuinely cared about Santa Fe and no matter the issue, you would do what you could to improve the situation. After our session, I also spoke with my family about you and they agreed that you are all around an incredible person.

It was an honor to work with you, and I appreciate everything you have done to make my home a better place!

All the best,
Rachel Stumbo

We are so pleased that Sig is running for re-election for District 1 Councilor.  She supports her constituents' interests and advocates for good governance.  Sig worked with us for nearly three years to resolve a neighborhood problem and we can say, without reservation, that she will go the extra mile for her constituents.  Her work on the Council is much appreciated.
-Dennis and Barb Bianchi

I really like your campaign website – it covers in detail the highlights any voter would want to know about your background, education, experience and accomplishments. In short its very well done.

Any person considering running against you would read this and feel intimidated and should reconsider campaigning against you.

In the past 8 years I can attest to your ability to “listen, Care and to Deliver.” Gonzales Rd constituents and your neighbors so appreciate the snow removal and weed control that you made happen over the ensuing years. Thanks, from all of us.

Best of success to you in your race and with Marias support we are looking forward to your third term as our accomplished City Counselor, as we know we are in good hands.

Our sincere best wishes,

-Dave & Liz Vlaming

She attends the meetings and does the work for us, what more can you expect? Plus she can always find the positive - and a great sense of humor! 

-William Swinney

It's just love at 1st sight!!

-Thomas H Mauer

Sig is a dedicated and tireless advocate for Santa Fe. She knows our City Different well and never ceases to stand up for us. She is  smart and savvy and has a huge heart...a hard to find combination. I do not hesitate to endorse Sig.

-Linda DeWolf

Great letter, great website, great job. Endorsed you!!
-Daniel Quat

Sig has been a huge contributor to our Santa Fe Family (community) for so many years. She gives of her treasure, talent and time and really cares about this wonderful city of ours. I can't say enough about her contributions. I endorse her wholly for her run for city councilor.

- Daniel Quat


-Judy Wilson

I am honored to endorse Signe Lindell again as Councilwoman to represent District 1.  I have made various requests of Signe to help with Ortiz Dog Park issues, graffiti in the neighborhood and vehicles parked overnight in restricted areas and in every case she took action to see that the problems were addressed in a timely manner.  She is dedicated to her job and demonstrates everyday how much she cares for her constituents and the city. 

-James Murphy

I appreciate how over many years Sig always listens to my concerns and is willing to assist with local issues.  She really cares about our community and is a great City Counselor for District 1!

-Marc Choyt

Sig has worked tirelessly for us. She is the Genuine Article. She has my vote for as long as she wants it!

-Shirley Clark

Sig Lindell has been our city councilors for many years.  I first got to know Sig when I called her for help in organizing gun safety awareness events on behalf of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  I was working as a volunteer who had no experience in putting together a public event!  Sig immediately and eagerly assisted me with navigating the permitting process for the plaza and with inviting the mayor and several city councilors to attend and to speak.  Gun safety is an issue that Sig cares deeply about. Since then, I have written to Sig when I have a concern, and have always gotten quick and helpful responses.  Sig is a dedicated and most competent city councilor who is passionate about serving, and who loves the people and the city of Santa Fe.  My husband and I are grateful not only that Sig is our city councilor but also that she is a good friend. We both endorse Sig Lindell with enthusiasm!

-Michael Greene

Councilor Sig Lindell’s commitment to the community and doing the right thing has alway been apparent.  Having partnered with her to build support for local nonprofits on countless occasions, I’ve seen first-hand how hard she works to get the job done. Whether it’s a non-profit, the needs of her constituents in District 1 or those of Santa Fe at large, Sig’s dedication and loyalty to our community is well defined, not by her words, but by her actions! Sig Rocks!!
-Richard White

Signe Lindell is one of the few politicians in Santa Fe I've witnessed in my nearly thirty years of living in this amazing city who truly works for our community, without aspirations of something more than simply serving her community with honesty and integrity.

I fully endorse Councilmember Lindell.     

-Honey Harris, KBAC morning show host

Being a small business owner in Santa Fe is better because of Sig.  She shows up, listens, and works hard not just for folks in District 1 but for our entire community.  We are lucky to have someone whose dedication to public service is impactful and effective.  Sigs got my vote!! 
-Piper Kapin
Owner, Backroad Pizza

Endorsement of Councilor Signe Lindell for Third Term in District 1, City of Santa Fe

I have been a resident of District 1 in Santa Fe for over 23 years. During that time, I have been active in the Homeowners Association of our 189-lot community. As a community, we often confront problems and projects both basic and complex that require interaction with various City departments.

In all these situations, the first thing I have done during the past eight years is to email Councilor Signe Lindell. Her level of service is unprecedented in my experience. During her two terms, Sig has always answered our emails immediately, directed us to the appropriate City Department, and most important of all, has helped see these diverse projects through to a satisfactory conclusion. For most people, these mundane issues would prove boring and worthy of nothing more than a brief response. Sig however loves helping people and takes great joy in her work. Her enthusiasm is infectious and quite remarkable.

Sig’s earlier service to Santa Fe includes ten years volunteering on the City’s Ethics and Rules Committee and she has served effectively on the Planning Commission. She currently serves as Mayor Pro Tempore and is a member of the Finance Committee. Another important point is that Sig gets along with people of all sorts in our diverse community, and this helps her get things accomplished without causing rancor or divisiveness.

In conclusion, Sig knows Santa Fe inside and out and she can draw from a wealth of experience in dealing with all manner of City matters. She is now running for a third term to represent District 1. I am delighted to endorse her for that. This is not a time for change. We need Sig’s experience, guidance, and deep commitment to Santa Fe now more than ever.

Errol Levine, MD, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Radiology

University of Kansas

I have known Sig as a District 1 constituent and as City employee, and heartily endorse her.  Nobody works harder and nobody cares more. We need Sig!

-Rick Word

Sig is always responsive, proactive, and committed to all of her constituents’ welfare.  Her understanding of city departments and her innate empathy make her a terrific City Councilor. Sig’s service to Santa Fe’s First district has brought people together, not divide them, and her innate honesty and hard work are an inspiration.

-Elizabeth Pettus, longtime Santa Fe resident (35 years)

Hannah and I own two businesses in town. One is in Sig’s district and the other is not. I never hesitate to call Sig if I have a question or concern for either businesses. She always answers my calls and is willing to help us in anyway she can. Santa Fe Tails, The Alley Lanes and Lounge and Hannah and Joey Padilla fully endorse Signe Lindell!

-Joey and Hannah Padilla owners of The Ally and Santa Fe Tails.

Working with you on various city projects has always been
a very pleasant experience. You are always available and
responsive to our requests in making our beloved city a better
place for all of us. Your dedication to the City of Santa Fe is very
heartwarming and is very much appreciated by many.

Thank you Sig for really caring for Santa Fe and doing a great job!.

Yours Truly.
Cervantes (Buddy) Roybal &
Irene Roybal

Sig is a good neighbor whether you live across the street or across town. She cares about the city, the people who live in the city, and the people who work for the city.

-Harold and Bunny Huffman

Sig Lindell has been an active, responsive, capable city councilor for district 1. As the president of a neighborhood association that spans Districts 1 and 2, I not infrequently email all four of our neighborhood’s City Councilors on an issue of concern.  Sig Lindell is always the first one to respond, day or night, weekday or weekend.  There is no neighborhood issue which is too small or too large for Sig to address. 

Jim Gollin


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Councilor Lindell thinks like a small business owner. Having created, operated and sold a small business, she knows their importance and how small businesses drive the economy. Councilor Lindell also deeply understands housing and housing issues, having worked for Homewise. Councilor Lindell's care and compassion shines with her animal rights work. Councilor Lindell analyzes issues to develop solutions with the knowledge she gained from earning her Doctorate of Education. Most importantly, Sig never lets a constituent down. She works tirelessly on constituent issues. Sig Listens. Sig Cares. Sig Delivers.

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