Sig knows how to move us Forward, Together!

Sig is committed to results. She cares about all of Santa Fe, not just her district. She listens to all sides of an issue with an open mind to reach a consensus and come up with real solutions. Sig delivers.

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Sig believes in rolling up her sleeves and getting the job done...

Sig listens. A constituent called Sig on a weekend to report a dangerous situation at a Santa Fe Senior Center, where overgrown weeds blocked visibility and created a hazard for seniors to safely access services. Sig cares. Instead of waiting until Monday for city staff, Sig took her tools, cut down the weeds, and hauled them away. Sig delivers.

Sig knows a Councilor's first duty is to get Constituent issues resolved.

The results speak for themselves. Sig resolves more constituent issues than anyone on the governing body.

The chart represents the latest numbers from the constituent service office for the the first two months of 2021.

Sig Casework Graph 2021 September 1 a

Sig believes all boats rise together...

Being a good Councilor means you can help both residential and business constituents alike navigate City Hall, City Departments, City Ordinances, and Codes to get things done!


Always dapper and always in a bow tie Councilor, Lindell is an effective public speaker. Speaking to visiting groups, civic organizations, or at the City Council, Sig always advocates for the best Santa Fe can be. Sig Delivers.

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Sig works arm in arm with everyone across generations. Councilor Lindell, your partner in city government. Sig Listens.

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Sig and Maria, together for 25 years. Celebrating Santa Fe. Celebrating Fiestas. Hanging out on the Plaza.

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Councilor Lindell helps small businesses. Helps with permits. Helps with coordination between city divisions. Helps with cutting the ribbon. Sig always shows up with her scissors to cut to the bottom of the issue and create solutions that benefit everyone. Sig Delivers.

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