Sig Listens. Sig Cares. Sig Delivers.

People call Councilor Lindell because they know she will listen and help them get results.

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Sig Cares.

“I want to make sure every animal in Santa Fe is protected from abuse and neglect.” - Councilor Lindell.

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Sig Delivers.

Opening a new restaurant is hard. Opening a new restaurant during a pandemic you better call Sig. When Councilor Lindell found out that a new restaurant was opening in Santa Fe, she did what she does best, start making connections. She put the new owner in touch with the Tourism Office to help get the word out. She made sure the new restaurant had permits and right of way for outdoor seating. New business means new jobs for Santa Fe.

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Sig Delivers.

“When you build community it’s much easier to take on the hard stuff.” Councilor Lindell.

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Sig Cares.

“I am a better Councilor today than when I started in 2014.” Councilor Lindell.

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Sig Listens

“To be a City Councilor you have to develop a skill set just like any other profession. This skill set is based on relationships. Everyone at the City, from the Mayor to the front-line City employee all know that I work towards solving problems. They trust me and they work with me.” Councilor Lindell.

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Sig is a first-generation college graduate with a Bachelor’s from Salem College in West Virginia and earned her Master’s and Doctorate of Education from West Virginia University, which led to a professorship at Kent State University. Sig was born and raised on a dairy farm in Great Valley, New York. While she was not born in Santa Fe, she says she “got here as soon as I could,” moving here in 1984. Sig started, operated, and sold a small business, which gives her insight into our small business community. After selling her business, Sig took a position at Homewise, Inc., a nonprofit affordable housing organization in Santa Fe, which has helped her develop a deep understanding of housing in our community.

Sig is running for her third term to represent District 1, having been first elected to the Governing Body in 2014 with over 70% of the vote, she did even better in her second election.

When Sig was first elected to the City Council, she was not new to City Hall, having spent the prior ten years volunteering on the City’s Ethics and Rules Committee and on the Planning Commission. Councilor Lindell currently serves as Mayor Pro Tempore and is a member of the Finance Committee and other Council committees. One of Sig's past assignments that she is proud of is her service on the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board.

Councilor Lindell rewrote the “Vehicle Vendor Ordinance." She is proud that the rewriting led to the creation of a food truck economy in Santa Fe. Before Sig’s efforts, there were very few food trucks in Santa Fe. Creating jobs and helping small business owners. Sig Delivers.


Councilor Lindell says that in her third term, “We will have plenty to do, starting with continuing efforts to address the pandemic. I am focused on the future of the Midtown campus and addressing Santa Fe’s housing issues. Building back our tourism industry will be a major step in igniting our economic engines and, without a doubt, we must continue to work towards justice and reconciliation. And, because I am a helper, I always champion the health and safety of animals."


Councilor Lindell, a long-time animal rights advocate, was the driving force behind the “Animal Services Ordinance.” Benefits of the ordinance ensured that dogs have access to safe, dry, and humane shelter and shade, clean food and water and a living area free of garbage, feces, and pests. Sig Cares.


Councilor Lindell was pumping gas and saw a nice car. She said hi and complimented the owner on his car. A typical friendly hello and Councilor Lindell was put in touch with the Porsche Club of America who will be bringing their “Fiesta New Mexico 2021” back to Santa Fe. Bringing dollars spent on hotel rooms, dollars for restaurant meals, tourism dollars. Councilor Lindell working on restarting Santa Fe’s economy. Sig Cares.


Councilor Lindell read on Facebook that a new restaurant was opening in the downtown area. She called the owner to let him know that the City was there for him. She called Tourism to help get the word out. She made sure that the new restaurateur knew that Sig was available to help and guide them through the permit process and make sure they were aware that outdoor sidewalk dining is possible. New restaurant means new jobs. Sig Cares.


Councilor Lindell has the relationships and connections to get things done. Councilor Lindell receives calls from all over the city. The city analyzed constituent contacts and items resolved. Councilor Lindell has resolved more items than all other City Councilors combined. Sig Delivers.

Sig has the relationships and connections to get things done. Sig takes calls from anyone in the city no matter what District you live in. When the city analyzed constituent contacts and items resolved, Sig had resolved more items than all other City Councilors combined.

“My 103-year-old Mother said, ‘Work as long as you can -- you’ll have plenty of time to be useless!’ I am not ready to be useless. I am humbled by the tasks before the City Different. My unassailable belief in our bright shared future guides me to run for re-election," explains Councilor Lindell.

Sig and Maria Sanchez have been together for 25 years and live in Santa Fe’s 1st District. Their boxer Sugar runs the house.

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Sig’s greatest passion is serving her community

In our 25 years together, I’ve witnessed how important service is to Sig.  She cares deeply about making sure we can work together to create a stronger Santa Fe, both today and tomorrow.  Working at Homewise, she helped countless Santa Fe families purchase their first homes, affordably.  As a volunteer for Gerard’s House, she worked to make sure none of Santa Fe’s next-generation got left behind and was able to get the counseling they need.  Sig’s greatest asset is bringing people together and creating consensus when principles are divided.  My family has lived in New Mexico for seven generations. Sig shares that love and cares deeply about its future. Sig is a great city councilwoman.

- Maria Sanchez

Sig Listens. Sig Cares. Sig Delivers.

Councilor Lindell thinks like a small business owner. Having created, operated and sold a small business, she knows their importance and how small businesses drive the economy. Councilor Lindell also deeply understands housing and housing issues, having worked for Homewise. Councilor Lindell's care and compassion shines with her animal rights work. Councilor Lindell analyzes issues to develop solutions with the knowledge she gained from earning her Doctorate of Education. Most importantly, Sig never lets a constituent down. She works tirelessly on constituent issues. Sig Listens. Sig Cares. Sig Delivers.

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